pricing plans


100.00 per family due at the signing of the contract agreement for transportation with 5 on 4 wheels.

One Way Rider

This plan can be used for one-way riders on the days you specify from 3 to 5 times a week. CONTACT OFFICE FOR COORDINATION AND RATES.

$150.00 PER WEEK

Billed Monthly

$175.00 PER WEEK

Billed Monthly

One-way rides are based on trips of 5 miles or less. Additional miles are billed at $3.00/mile

round trip Rider

This option gives you the most flexibility and freedom. We will pick your child up, as well as drop your child off wherever you need them to be. Please note: Same pick up and same drop off location required.

$250.00 PER WEEK

Billed Monthly

$ 300.00 PER WEEK

Billed Monthly

Round-trip rides are based on trips of 5 miles or less each way. Additional miles are billed at $3.00/mile


We provide a safe environment for our passengers by ensuring we keep up with all state regulations regarding vehicle inspection.


Security for our passengers is very important to us, so we practice methods such as seatbelt safety at all times.


We go the extra mile to make sure that you can count on us to pick up and drop off our passengers on time every time.