5on4 wheels transportation provides quality transportation to children aged 5 and up. We ensure a parents peace of mind by implementing safety, security, and dependability. Because being a parent myself, I know how precious and important the lives of our children are.

Policies & Rules

  • All passengers must follow driver’s instructions
  • All passengers must wear seat belt at all times
  • All passengers must be seated while in the vehicle
  • All passengers must be ready at pick-up location (additional fee’s may apply for wait time)
  • If a passenger soils the vehicle a fee may apply to clean any accidents.
  • No passenger is allowed to bring a ride along, unless authorized by management (additional saving if bundle a ride along Package)
  • No food or beverages are allowed in the vehicle
Our policies and rules are designed with children’s safely in mind! Our staff is trained in many safety and life saving techniques to minimize human error, that is why we will always follow all state guidelines for transporting children. Our policies are subject to change at any time to ensure safely.