Who Are We?

We're focused on making sure our passengers have a comfortable experience and that you as a parent or care giver can be stress free when your loved ones are under our care. Our promise is to provide the a peace of mind for everyone involved.

Who Are We?  I’m Quiana Allen, a single mother of four that refused to allow my situation, my job, my income or my social life come before the opportunities available for my children.  I vowed to give them more, I vowed to be more, but most importantly I vowed to allow nothing to come between them and their goals.  It hasn’t been an easy road, but it’s been worth it every twist, turn, speed bump and toll within this twenty year journey!  

As a single mother, one of the most challenging obstacles I faced was how to transport my children to the numerous  routes life took them in reaching their desired goals.  Before I continue to explain, allow me to introduce my heartbeats: 

Ashanti is my girl on the move!!! Once an ambassador for I am a Queen mentoring young girls how to hone their skills for success! She was track star, a cheerleader, and now  in college she’s the President of her Elite model, a delegate for student and entrepreneur, vlogger and overall goal getter!

Anayah is my focused athlete currently a 16 year old basketball player that so dedicated to her mastering her craft she plays the sport year around. Her days are filled with practice, in and off season training, in school basketball, AAU basketball and numerous tournament teams. Her focus has led her to being scouted for colleges since her 8th grade year.

D’Trevion is my all-star, a football and basketball player, that still find time to master the millennial art of becoming a YouTuber! D’Trevion is my social butterfly between practice, videoing and school he still finds time to make a social calendar with a number of friends.

Daven was and still is my boss baby!!! Even at 7 years old he too is very active!  His current interest lay in football and taekwondo! 

Sounds great right? Needless to say, with kids like mine transportation needs are FULL TIME!!! Now imagine my dilemma when my college student needs to return home, my high schooler has basketball practice, my oldest son football practice and my youngest has to be picked up from taekwondo!  Trust when I say, this has happened more times than not! And each and every time I can remember praying for someone that I can trust with my heartbeats to assist me in making all of their dreams come true.  Unfortunately, for me that someone had to be myself.  

 However just as I vowed to not allow anything to come between my children and their goals, my children and I have now vowed to not allow anything to come between your children’s goals.  5on4wheels transportation is an affordable, reliable transportation with daily, weekly and monthly plans to meet your family’s needs!  Our desired legacy is to assist families just like ours create legacies, one pick up and drop off at a time.